Martin Weberschock



Born 01-06-1972 in Lüneburg

Profession: psychologist and flight model manufacturer
married, one daughter, one son

Youth official of the sports section within the DAeC.
Inherited the model flying fever vom his father Dietrich.
Successful participation in numerous competitions in Germany, Europe, Asia and Australia in various classes of model gliding.

1978 Start with remote-controlled gliding
1988 entry into the class F3B (eg competition in Nalbach and Dörmberg)
1990 promotion into the B-pool F3B
1994, 1995, 1997 assistant of the Swedish national team (European team champion and World team champion)
1998 Team manager of the German national team F3B in Finland (European team champion)
1998 World team champion and 4th place in class F5B in Neuhardenberg
2000 World team champion and world vice-champion in the class F5B in San Diego
2002 World team champion and 6th place in the class F5B in Switzerland
2001, 2003, 2005: Fourth of the World Championship (individual rating), and World team vice-champion F3B and World team champion
2006 1st Place of the F3B Euro Tour
2007 assistant of the German national F3B team in Lucerne (Switzerland)
2008, one fast speed flight