Corinne Schneider


Born 11-12-1982 in Binningen BL (Switzerland)

Training as physiotherapist and fitness trainer
Since spring 2007 member of a team of physiotherapists specialized in orthopedics and prevention

Inherited her interest for model flying from her dad. First flight tests at the age of 12 with a Graupner "Benny".
Also made some experiences in classes F3B and F3J
Occasional participation in competitions in Germany and Switzerland
Member of the model flying group Reinach BL (Switzerland)

Other interests: mountain biking, bicycle racing, climbing, jogging

2006 Participation F3B Swiss Championship
2007 Assistant General Manager of the F3B World Championship in Emmen (Switzerland)
Participation in the F3B WC in Emmen (Switzerland)
Participation in a Contest-Euro-Tour Competition
2008 Participation in the F3J Swiss Championship
2009 Assistant of the German national team for the F3B World Championship in Ivancice, CZ